From Today Towards the Future

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Our cost effective solution helps the retailer to save their budgets towards payroll as well as eco friendly cutting down the paper usage. Retailers return on investment is approximate one year.

Our testing proof 0.000001% failure

ESL solution Introduction

ESL(Electronic shelf label)Application & Advantages

Puzzles of traditional retail price tag manager:

Update system data –print paper tags -look for tags need to be

changed-take away overdue tags-ensure tags accuracy.

It’s Time losing and low efficiency.

Two-way high speed RF transmission and secure verification to ensure  transmission efficiency and accuracy

 Automatic price and content changing system by real time  synchronizing with POS database.

Reduce artificial mistakes and improve information management to  better increase company reputation and customer satisfaction.

5 years long life for energy and cost saving

5 years long life for energy and cost saving  Eco-friendly instead of mass paper consumption

     Face Recognition Solution

Video Scan & Portrait Acquisition Applications

count visitors by zone within your facility detect repeat visitors and

frequency of visits detect age, gender and ethnicity distribution

perform anonymous face recognition to measure crowds and

waiting/transit times in specific areas alert security staff, direct traffic,

and enhance customer experience

detect age, gender and ethnicity of the audience and deliver tailored

messages and displays

screening of public and private places (e.g., malls, banks, airports,

business canters, real estate) identify intruders,unauthorised personnel,

shoplifters and otherwise barred persons

check videos recorded at border checkpoints against a watch list of

undesired immigrants

identify registered customers in clubs, banks or stores allow access offer

special treatment